• Players : 74
  • Tables : 19


Q What are Sit&Go Weekly Leaderboards and how do they work?

AWeekly Sit&Go Leaderboards are made especially for all our Sit&Go enthusiasts and can be found under 3 different categories: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. All the three Sit&Go Leaderboards will be running every Saturday to Friday and the only way you can increase your Sit&Go Leaderboard points is to play our Sit&Go Tournaments. The reason why we are having three different Leaderboards it’s because we want all our players, no matter what Buy-in you choose to play, to have a good chance at winning great prizes. Gold Leaderboard – Rs. 5,000 to 50,000 Buy-in Silver Leaderboard – Rs. 500 to 2,000 Buy-in Bronze Leaderboard – Rs. 25 to 200 Buy-in

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Q What is the Daily Cash Games Leaderboard and how does it work?

AThe Daily Real cash poker Games Leaderboard will be running everyday and offer Real Cash and Bonus Money rewards to players who rank highly enough on this leaderboard. Prizes are offered for Top 7 places. The calculation of your Leaderboard points will be automatically made depending on how many Loyalty Points you generate while playing in our poker Cash Games.

Q What is the Weekly Freeroll Leaderboard and how does it work?

AWith Khelo365 Weekly Freeroll Leaderboard you have the chance to win great prizes while they are free of cost. To rank on this Leaderboard players must play on our Freerolls. The player’s position on our Leaderboard is based on the player’s winnings at our various Freerolls, that we hold hourly, daily and on weekends. For example, for Rs.1 won in a Tournament, you will obtain 1 point on the Freeroll Leaderboard..

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Q What is a Freeroll?

A A A Freeroll is a Poker tournament that is completely free to enter, no buy-in or deposit is needed to participate, but real cash prizes can still be won at the doesn’t do free money poker games just to attract players but to give everyone a chance to win something big.

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Q How to register for a Freeroll Tournament at Khelo365?


  1. Login with your username and password in the most trusted poker site in India,,
  2. Press the 'Play Poker' button, this will open the Khelo365 web client tournament lobby. To see what Freerolls is available, press 'Freeroll'.
  3. Find the Freeroll you would like to sign up for and then click on it once and then click 'Register' in the bottom right-hand corner. You can only sign up for the Freeroll if it has the status 'Registering' 'Late Registration' or 'Seating'.


  1. Login with your username and Password either on the web browser or desktop or with your poker mobile app
  2. In the lobby, you will see 2 tabs called 'Games' and 'Tournaments'. Click on the option 'Tournaments', this will show you all the tournaments currently running, completed or available for registration.
  3. To register for a tournament, find the tournament that you would like to join, click on it, and then click the 'Register' button on the bottom-right hand corner of the client. You may only sign up for tournaments with the status 'Registering' 'Late Registration' and 'Seating'.
Q How can I Rebuy in a Tournament?

A Rebuy is available to all players participating in the tournament for a fixed period of time. This period can vary for different tournaments. Rebuy can be availed within 10 Seconds of receiving the option (make sure you have enough chips). For this, a Rebuy pop-up appears in-game lobby with buy-in amount and chips that can be bought.

To facilitate faster Rebuys, an option of Auto Rebuy is also available in the game window. Clicking on 'Auto Rebuy' option will automatically and instantly rebuy the moment a player's chip stack goes below the threshold. Life’s greatest lessons are learned from mistakes and 2nd chance is a rebuy to correct yours in the table of online poker

Q What is an Add-on?

A Add-On is last chance given to all players to add chips to their stack. During the final Add-On, the game stops for few minutes and all players are allowed to use the Final Add-On. Time of Add-On is usually 3 minutes at Khelo365 at the end of late registration of a tournament. The Add-On amount will always be mentioned in the tournament info.