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Poker Online India

Poker Online is a rage amidst the gaming audience in India. For an large swath of audience who have been familiar with card games since time immemorial, adapting to poker game was no big deal. The rousing format of the game hit a nerve with the audience and the game has been a regular part in the lives of millions of gamer's across India.

Ever wondered among all card games and other games, how this real money game generates this much passion and stokes emotion across all audience? What could possibly be the motivation for players who are willing to continue despite being on a losing streak? There has to be something that ties them emotionally with the game for them to hang on despite results not going their way more than often. Just like you, we also pondered on this question for long and we could find that poker is not just a mere game but it’s more like an emotion – it’s catharsis!

Game Lobby

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Poker Variants you can play at

At we recognize that their is more than one way to play Indian poker online. When you play poker in India, you expect a good variety of India poker experience. Our poker variety includes:


Texas Holdem Poker

 This is the most exciting online poker game that India online poker has to offer. Players can push all of their chips in as they compete by forming the best 5-card hand from 2 personal cards and 5 community cards. Indian poker players have for the game, we’ve striven hard to create a learn to play and start your success 

Omaha Poker

 At we know there is more than one way to play online poker.So we give you the opportunity to switch it up. Omaha has a different set of poker rules. In this game you are dealt 4 personal cards and 5 community cards (Dealt Face-up). To win you must combine 2 personal cards with 3 community cards to make the best 5-card hand at the table. 

Open Face Chinese

 Open-face Chinese poker,is a variant of Chinese poker where players receive five cards to start and then one card at a time until each player has a 13 card hand legal or not. 

Young or old, new or experienced, all players every player can enjoy our poker rooms. We offer texas Holde'm, and Omaha Poker game online. Our goal is to make poker game enjoyable to both newbies and veterans alike and we have been marching towards the same till date. In this remarkable journey all along, we have highly entertained poker enthusiasts around the country and have increased our appeal with exquisite offers and promotions.

Poker FAQ

  • What does a poker mean?

    Poker is a family of card games which combines strategy, the skill of the player with some betting involved. Each player bets based on the strength of his hand and subsequent players should either match the bet or increase or fold. The player who holds the strongest hand wins the pot amount

  • Is legal to play poker in india?

    As per the supreme court judgments and state legislation, players from residents of assam, orissa, telangana, gujarat and Andhra Pradesh alone are not permitted to play real money Poker games online. rest of the players from india can play Poker for real cash.

  • What is best online poker site in india?

    khelo365 is one the best sites for playing online Poker games in india for its Features and hassle-free gameplay,fast payment process.

Not mere Fun and Entertainment

At, you do much more than merely playing poker online. Considering the passion, Indian poker players have for the game, we’ve striven hard to create a platform where every budding poker player can enjoy the game without any discomfort. In our quest to provide a flawless Responsible gaming interface, we’ve leveraged full use of technology so that players get a seamles gaming experience through poker apps,play anytime anywhere.

Poker has that ability to give you that life altering experience. Whether you are playing for fun or playing with an idea to win huge cash online, you will find something that appeals to your sensibilities at our website. It’s hard to describe the feeling of joy and splendour after a win in poker. Thousands of players who have played in our site have benefited richly with our unique poker India promotions and offers. From cash prizes to expensive gadgets to exotic trips, we have a diverse range of prizes given for each and every promotion.

Poker Online India – Extremely competitive sport

Poker isn’t a complex game. Learning Poker rules and strategies will solve half of your worries. The best part is you can get this in no time; however, the real deal is mastering the game which takes a life time. A vast arsenal of weapons is a must have for poker players when it comes to battling opponents across various tables.

One of the most important requirements in order to be successful in poker online is to get acclimatized with poker rules and strategies. We have with us a vast collection of documents and videos related to playing poker online which will help your perfect your knowledge about poker. From extensive docs on how to play poker and poker strategies, there are plenty of materials available in our site which will push you towards achieving mastery in the game.

Using real world examples, our materials will help you develop your game of skill. Whether you are beginner who’s testing waters in a poker game or an advanced poker player, you will find strategies and articles which will take you to the next level.

Play Poker online for Real Money

While recreational players and newbies would be contended with playing free poker online, the experienced ones who are passionate about poker play real money games. Indicative of the name, the game is all about playing with real money. Let’s make it clear – nothing to take away from free poker games online but cash poker games and poker tournaments are where the real money is. Players who are into real money games have immense chance to rake in massive amounts of fortunes. offers real money gambling and win real money.We have integrated the safest methods for deposits and withdrawals in our platform which will allow you to deposit and cash out in minutes. In order to facilitate easy payments, we have integrated multiple payment options that includes credit/debit cards, internet banking from all major banks, and mobile payment wallets.

Start playing at, you do not have to worry on what you need to bring to the poker table. We have wide range of Omaha and Texas Holdem Tables starting from starting from Rs. 1/Rs. 2 to Rs. 200/Rs. 500 with buy-ins starting from Rs. 100 going all the way to Rs. 60000. So, there’s plenty of chance to create a solid bankroll with minimal buy-in. With strong protection features integrated in our systems, your banking details can never be compromised.

Our SSL technology and encryption protocols guarantee the security of every single transaction happening in our website. We function complying with the government norms on real cash games.

Poker game – Push you to your limits

Poker India remains as an extremely competitive game which pushes you the limit in order to be successful. The game requires good analytical and mathematical skills in order to be successful. Also, you need to possess a solid memory and have a passion to update yourself with different styles of game play. In terms of competitiveness, it matches offline games like cricket and football and online games like PubG and Teen patti.

With exceptional players emerging every single day, there are many a times where you need to punch above your wait. The Indian poker circuit almost resembles an international poker circuit in terms of talent available. Globalization has paved for the Indian poker players to travel to different parts of the world and compete in tournaments like WSOP. With little more support from government and streamlining, the sport will become more organized and many players will be able to compete across different formats.

Poker Skills

remains an extremely competitive game similar to indoor games like Chess that require good analytic ability. In order to be successful in this game, one has to have solid memory skills, good math skills, supreme logical thinking and sound knowledge about poker online strategies. With exceptional players emerging every day, the Indian poker community is matching up to the level of international players. It’s not uncommon to see big names participating in various online Poker league competitions throughout the world and return with a good performance. With a little more push and recognition from the government, poker will certainly make huge inroads in the Indian market and more and more players competing internationally. We at Khelo365 house some excellent players at multiple skill levels playing in our platform and most of our tournaments and games are extremely competitive. Several upcoming players consider our platform as the best learning curve.

Socialize with other players

Most players who play poker at clubs and casinos socialize with fellow poker enthusiasts. What better way to enjoy the game than to engage in a jovial convo with other players? Khelo365, the best legal poker site in India provides you an option for interactive chat feature which helps you to socialize with other players while enjoying the game. Many online players have earned valuable insights about the game just by chatting with some of the most talented players. Socializing remains as one of the key factors behind players choosing to play this game online,so learn to play and start your success carrier.

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