• Players : 472
  • Tables : 55

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Rank Name Points
1 GhostBuster 201225
2 Pradeepg1589 199613
3 siddpoker 197582
4 imbapokergod 185338
5 truthordare 178073
6 herocall 173604
7 ashutosh839 171372
8 AKfishing 171116
9 arjunan 169326
10 alien1 163749

Mr. Arihant Goyal's Testimonial

"I can't come up with a word to describe it. But yes, there's been nothing short of a heavenly experience, I can say that. I met this really pretty girl, I just asked her out for this scuba diving thing for company. She said yes, we had a great time and she almost saved me. If they(players) are not doing that (experiencing this party) - they are missing out on something."

Mr. Arihant Goyal | 01/05/2017