• Players : 1836
  • Tables : 53


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Rank Name Points
1 tiyi 2146
2 blufpoker 1962
3 Praveenk1292 1547
4 truthordare 1275
5 Rkb1111 1221
Rank Name Points
1 sandeepssah 9802
2 Shyam93kr 6138
3 Ramyarajesh123 4133
4 Santoshi 3598
5 maverick8888 2766

Mr. Manish Surana's Testimonial

"When I tried Khelo, it was pretty awesome that you could you know play poker and you could chill with people and you could talk with people, so it was very nice. It's entertaining for 1 or 2 hours, so I can do my work and I can also play whenever I want. So, if I even get a 2 hours break sometime, I just go on to Khelo and I start playing."

Mr. Manish Surana | 02/01/2017