• Players : 250
  • Tables : 45

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Rank Name Points
1 GhostBuster 175564
2 imbapokergod 169590
3 truthordare 166339
4 AKfishing 151540
5 siddpoker 148168
6 richierich11 146856
7 Pradeepg1589 143528
8 akasharda 134399
9 ashutosh839 133505
10 ankurazil 125844

Mr. Ravi Naidu's Testimonial

"Every day they are having a party. Everyday they are having great lunches, beautiful dinners. First day was a lobster dinner, next day was mexican. Everything was really nice, I can't say if one was good or the other. Hats off to them. They have really worked hard. They are also very tired. Thank you guys for everything. You guys are just amazing."

Mr. Ravi Naidu | 01/05/2017