Players:  28
Tables:  6

poker Player Testimonials


Independence Day tournament

"It was an amazing feeling when i won the Independence Day tournament you got the 2nd reason to Celebrate and the tournament field was amazing with Pros and Recreational players playing with such players and making it to the Final table is enough but somehow I managed to Ship the Tournament and Khelo365 is one of the best Platform to play in and show your skills cause it has seriously one of the best UI and wide range of tournaments to build Bankroll and the best part is you don't have to worry about TDS deductions they pay it for us that is cherry on the Cake. Thanks to Khelo365 team for hosting such tournaments and i hope khelo365 team will keep doing this top Notch work."


Grand Slam 2nd Winner

"I am so happy about finishing second in such a big tournament, I never expected this win. I was very excited when I reached the final table, and thought this woule be enough. I like to play in Khelo very much and this amount would be so helpful in this crisis situation.That was a wonderrful moment for me."


Grand Slam Winner

"This is my 2nd Grand slam win in Khelo. I am really tight on finances having lost quite a lot in cash games, hence I had to really put a disciplined approach in this tournament, I had it my mind not to call an opponent all-in even with premium pockets pairs or top cards, it took a lot of strength not to call an opponent all-ins with good cards but that probably helped me in winning this time around.Khelo 365 is a very good platform for poker lovers and will certainly encourage other players to play on this site. Taking advantage of this opportunity,I would also like to suggest more regularly big monthly tournaments with GTD as 10Lakh or above like other poker websites for more action and excitement.I also Thank Team khelo for their active support and help on issues."


Grand Slam Winner

"I never expected to win such a big tournament, but I got a bit lucky and it was the best moment of my life.I heartily thank khelo365 for giving such a beautiful platform and opportunity.This amount is indeed a boon for my life. I love the tournament structure of khelo and hope khelo continues to entertain us in the same way as they do now"


"It was a good win and I would have been much happier if I had finished first. I never had any plans or strategy and in the final table it was like auto all in. I would definitely recommend khelo to everyone. Khelo service and cashout is awesome.Everything is perfect is khelo but only the structure of tournaments blind is too fast and people get too much extra time bank."


"Hello, I am Alex Newmai from the Northeastern state of Nagaland. I have been playing poker for the last half decade and Khelo365 has been a humble abode of my poker endeavor. I had won several primetime tournaments and back to back win in the monthly tournaments leaderboard the previous year. However, winning GRAND SLAM of the February edition 2021 has been the biggest score thus far - taking home a six figure paycheck! Over the years, grinding day in and day out at Khelo365, it has taught me several life lessons. One such aspects is the variance. Variance in poker is inevitable and has taught me to endure the difficult times that comes with downswing - and that reciprocates in life aspects as well. Poker - a sport of the mind is gaining popularity world over. Khelo365 provides what the industry could possibly offers in terms of user interface and wide range of tournaments. The most striking featured of Khelo365 is that we can take home any winning amount without having to worry about paying TDS to the Government - because Khelo365 pay the TDS charges on behalf of us!"

 Alex Newmai

"It was a very nice experience to play on khelo365. The republic day tournament was a very fantastic tournament. Its buyin was affordable for mid and high range player. I got ticket for tournament by deposit. And luckily l won the tournament. I hope that khelo365 will bring more such tournaments in future."


"Winning the Grand Slam was a wonderful moment, all I had in mind was to finish in the top 20, never had any strategy in my mind and the unexpected happens. My family memebers were also happy about it when I told them that I had 1 Lakh. My home is under renovation and this will help a lot. Khelo is a marvellous app and I adore playing in Khelo."


"Grandslam winner, I love playing Poker in Khelo365 and it was really wonderful winning the tournament. I didn’t have any strategies and I just kept playing my normal game. I belong to a poor family and this amount means a lot, I will always be thankful to Khelo365 for giving such a wonderful platform. It seems that I am living a dream."

online poker players India

"Khelo is a very good platform for online Poker, especially the potrait mode and I feel more trusted. I was very happy to win KICKSTARTER and while playing the tournament, I had only one strategy in mind, "Fold as many hands until a good one". Rewards are good and expecting royal flush rewards to be more as earlier."

poker players in India

"I have been playing Poker on Khelo for the last 3 years. Recently i got the 2nd prize in Twister tournament which was huge boost to my bankroll.Looking forward to play such more tourneys and win more on Khelo365. Also I can Say for sure that this site has one of the best graphic interface and support system in poker industry.Also there are multiple buyin tournaments and freerolls which makes it more easy to build a bankroll. I hope Khelo365 will keep doing this Top Notch work.Kudos to the Khelo365 team for giving players great opportunity to earn."

poker players India

"This is the first time that I have won such a big amount, and I am very happy about it. While playing every tournament I have only one thing in mind, “I have to win”. Hard Luck, I finished second and felt a bit bad about it. I love the tournaments in Khelo365 and I almost play every tournament"

poker players

"I Like a lot of things about 'Khelo365', the most important reason is, I trust this Site. Secondly, I Love the graphics of the tables, also, the competition among the players is very impressive.

The thing that kept me going on in the tournament was the aim and strive to get to the Top. I was being able to use my Skills and out-play the other remaining players.

Also, the strategy that I used to get to the Top, was to wait for the opportunity to set Traps and to lure the other players so that I acquire enough Chips to keep me continued. I also used my bluffing skills to keep me alive in the tournament.

Last but not least, Thank You Khelo365 for giving me the opportunity to use my skills and make a fortune out of it. "

poker players

"It was wonderful winning the big Tournament in Khelo365 which is my favorite Poker Website. Thanks to Khelo365 which made my DIWALI night very special and a memorable one."

poker players in India

"I have been playing in Khelo365 for the past 5 years and I am very happy to have taken the 2nd place in the 5 LAKH Diwali Special tournament. I hope they keep organising the Big tourneys and making it more exciting and enjoyable than other online Poker sites. All the best to the future winning players. The cash and deposit bonuses are a perfect plus and timing of the tourneys is very convenient."