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Flash Cash

Have you been feeling quite bored and out of touch lately? Don’t worry anymore, we at khelo365, we’re back with a banger, the “FLASH CASH”. You now have the opportunity to win up to 30% rake back daily by playing on cash tables.

It has been a stressful year for everyone and we understand the constant need to keep reminding ourselves why we should keep going. This new promotion is a reminder that even when you feel like all hopes have been lost, we at khelo365 will always try and work towards bringing the best options available for our dear players.

The “Flash Cash” is one of the biggest opportunities for you to win on a daily basis so that it will help you keep going and unleash your talents and skills through this platform. Grab your chance now before anyone else does and expose your hidden intellect through khelo365.

Refer to the following table to receive your awards according to your stakes:

Stakes: 150/300 & 200/400

Leader Board points Prize
10,000-24,000 10% Bonus Money
24,001-50,000 20% Bonus Money
50,001 & Above 30% Bonus Money

Stakes: 50/100 & 100/200

Leader Board points Prize
5,000-15,000 10% Bonus Money
15,001-30,000 20% Bonus Money
30,001 & Above 30% Bonus Money

Stakes: 10/20 & 25/50

Leader Board points Prize
3,000-7,000 10% Bonus Money
7,001-15,000 20% Bonus Money
15,001 & above 30% Bonus Money

Stakes: 3/6 & 5/10

Leader Board points Prize
600-1,600 10% Bonus Money
1,601-4,000 20% Bonus Money
4,001 & above 30% Bonus Money

Stakes: 1/2 & 2/4

Leader Board points Prize
300-800 10% Bonus Money
801-2,000 20% Bonus Money
2,001 & above 30% Bonus Money

Terms and Condition: