• Players : 138
  • Tables : 14


Pot limit Omaha poker is one of the most thrilling variants of the card games. This online game demands a high level of intelligence and a lot of skills to master. Fabricating a poker strategy through substantial practice is a core requirement to win the pot. Even though this poker game is carved out of Texas Hold’em poker, PLO is different and more challenging as there are 4 hole cards dealt face down to each player on the table and because of this, there are more variants you must consider. Since the game is more challenging we have constructed a few strategies for you play the game with more knowledge and prowess.



    One cannot expect the best hand always. Especially in pot limit Omaha, most players have a narrow mind of sticking to just 2 cards of the 4 hole cards which is an influence from Texas hold’em. Give an adequate significance to all the 4 hole cards throughout the game, the wisest way to deal with all the 4 hole cards is to play the game continuously. Experience is the tool to master this game, learn to use all the 4 hole cards to make the best combination.


    A player should never maintain the same strategy in every game. One has to develop a unique gaming style to lead the game but if the opponent predicts your style, they can block your way to win. Hence mix up the gameplay and delude the opponent. A pro player often folds, plays slow and also speeds up when the card is on his/her favor, playing randomly is one the pro tip to with the real cash in online poker.


    A lot of individuals who play poker online mostly have no clue to measure the odds to win the pot. Measuring the odds actually allows the player to see the community cards more transparently. Without measuring the odds you will have no chance in big pots, and your chance of winning significantly decreases without having a strategy.


    Observe the opponent in the game, raise the bet and see the reaction of the opponent. Mostly players with weak hand wait to use the option check, raising the bet induces fear in them to either fold or call the same amount. From which you can know when to bluff and win the game. Use bluff only when your hand is extremely weak, it’s a big risk and may not work always but it’s worth a try.

    Let’s now learn to play poker by measure or calculate the odds that will help you win the pot.

    Say, you’re trying to form a flush with 2 out of 4 hole cards and 4 community cards on the table. There are 44 unknown cards left from a deck of 52 cards and you need that one card out of 44 to win the pot. As there are only 13 cards in a suit and since we already have 4 out of 13 cards we are down with 9 odds. These odds can worsen the scenario if we consider each player on the table who also holds card which is unknown to us. Calculating and knowing the odds will help you to know when to play tight or loose to avoid the potential loss.


    When you’re playing poker for real money, it’s important to decide when to play tight and when to play loose. When you run on a weak hand, don’t hesitate to fold. Most the pro players fold often in the game of poker. Play only the best hand to win the pot with minimal loss, this method of playing is known as “tight play”.

    Most of the players play loose only when the money is not involved or when a player wants to learn the game. If you play poker online for fun and entertainment, you can play it randomly making any move at any time without being cautious about the next move. This method of playing is called “loose play”. Few pro players use this method on the gameplay to mislead and outplay the opponent.


    In the game of Pot limit Omaha, every bet is important as you can’t raise the bet more than the pot size on the table at particular betting round. Delude the opponent and increase the pot size if you have the best five-card combination. You have to be strategic to win big, raising the pot gradually to keep your opponent live without making him/her fold and go away is one of the best ways to win a big pot. This is one of the best strategies in the game of Pot limit Omaha.

By now you should have good theoretical knowledge about how to play and win the pot in Pot Limit Omaha, sign-up and use these strategies to play the poker games with the most trusted poker site in India, and win your fortune today!