Players:  39
Tables:  12

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Weekly Cashback Rewards

What is Cashback Fest?

As the name suggests “Cashback Fest” is the Reward earned as Cash bonus for the time and money spent at Khelo365 Cash tables. Every move of yours, accounts to the accumulation of Loyalty points thus building your Cashback rewards. Your chips might rise or fall on the game table, but this will keep moving forward to the destination. It’s just about playing Poker and getting the chips your way. PLAY MORE TO GET MORE.

Now get rewarded for the time and effort that you put in the poker room cash tables only at khelo this winter season. It’s time for Cashback, khelo365 is excited to introduce to you the new “Weekly Cashback Fest”, that is going to fulfill your wishes. Experience the game and feel the urge of wanting to play for more.

Gear up, join now and participate in the most amazing Weekly cashback rewards. Also win exciting instant bonuses and celebrate the festive season and New Year in a more auspicious way.

How to start it?

Stakes: 100/200 & 200/500

Leader Board points Prize
75,000-99,999 5% Bonus Money
1,00,000-2,99,999 10% Bonus Money
3,00,000-5,99,999 15% Bonus Money
6,00,000 & Above 20% Bonus Money

Stakes: 50/100 & 25/50

Leader Board points Prize
35000-49999 5% Bonus Money
50000-99999 10% Bonus Money
100000- 199999 15% Bonus Money
200000 & above 20% Bonus Money

Stakes: 10/20 & 5/10

Leader Board points Prize
10000-14999 5% Bonus Money
15000-21999 10% Bonus Money
22000-29999 15% Bonus Money
30000 & above 20% Bonus Money

Stakes: 3/6 & 1/2

Leader Board points Prize
1500-2999 10% Bonus Money
3000-4499 15% Bonus Money
4500 & above 20% Bonus Money

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