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Payment Process

How To Buy Chips

Buying Chips is fairly simple once you become familiar with the different payment methods and options that are available to you. The key of course, is to choose the options and methods that you are most comfortable with.

As of now, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX Debit and Credit Cards issued by Indian Banks. We also accept NetBanking from various Indian Banks and a few Cash Cards.

Now let's breakdown the steps:
  1. Log-In to your Khelo365 Account.

  2. Click the "My Account -> Buy Chips" in the top menu bar or the "Buy Chips" in the right menu.

  3. Once the page loads, enter the amount of chips that you want to purchase and press the "Buy Chips" button.

  4. You will then be redirected to our payment partner where you can securely complete the purchase.

  5. Upon completion of Step #4, you will be provided a transaction reference number. Please note this down for future correspondence.

How To Redeem Chips

When you're ready to get your prize payout you'll find we have made the process as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Please remember that you don't have to redeem your chips / winnings at the end of each session. You can leave your Khelo365 account with a positive balance, which will automatically be saved in the system and made available to you the next time you log in and play.

To redeem chips, perform the following steps:
  1. Log-in to your Khelo365 account.

  2. Make sure you have entered your Bank account number and IFSC Code in the "My Account -> My Profile -> Banking Details" Area.

  3. Click on the "My Account -> Redeem Chips" in the top menu bar.

  4. Enter the amount you wish to redeem and press the "Redeem Chips" button.

Need Banking Assitance?

We offer 24x7 Phone, Email and Live Chat support. If you are needing any assitance with deposits or redeems, please contact us!

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