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Tables:  17
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Poker Strategy and Skills


As card games have driven their way through ancient history into the modern world, Texas hold'em poker is one of the most popular card game that is preferred by everyone. The massive popularity of online poker tournaments and games is trending in today's world as this game is not just meant for entertainment but it also enhances one's intelligence and the has the potential to make the player a lot money. Texas Hold'em, otherwise called Hold'em - where two cards are dealt face down called "The hole cards" with five other community cards which come on the board are called "the community cards".


  1. The game starts with two dealt face down cards; called "hole cards" that are given to each player on the table.
  2. This action is followed by a round of betting, betting begins with a small blind then followed by a big blind. Small blind and big blind are a compulsory or forced bet that one must bet before the first round.
  3. A player on the left to the dealer button is called the small blind (dealer button is made to sit as small blind in heads-up) and the player left to the small blind is called the big blind (if the table has only two players the second player on the left to the dealer button is posted as big blind).
  4. After blinds, the betting runs clockwise on the table with each player having three options to call, fold, or raise.
  5. The action gets back to the small blind making the blinds go "live" means, in clockwise the players can raise the bets with respect to their card's strength.
  6. This action is followed by," the community cards". The first three cards of the community cards are dealt face-up in the middle of the table, which is called the "Flop".
  7. The second round of betting is made on the table after the flop. The bet starts clockwise from the small blind to other players in the table.
  8. After the second round of betting, the fourth card of the community cards is dealt face-up in the middle of the table called the "Turn" routing to another round of betting.
  9. Finally, the last round of the betting is made after the fifth card of the community cards is dealt face-up on the table called the "River".

To win the pot in TEXAS HOLD'EM, a player have to make the best five-card combination out of hole cards and the community cards as per the hand ranking. The poker games is played for high cards only.