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Poker Online & why you need to join now!

Poker Online in india for real cash.It is easy to understand why so many jump at the chance to Play free at Khelo365.com.

When considering why we play poker online India, there are several reasons that we need to include. Do you ever wonder why we play this real money game with such enthusiasm? What remains the main motivation for the players to continue despite enduring losses frequently? Just like you, we also pondered over these questions and found that for players, poker is more than a cash game. It’s like an emotion – something like a catharsis.

Poker online india – More than fun & entertainment

At khelo365.com, you do much more than play poker India online. Considering the enthusiasm for the game among Indian audience, we’ve strived hard to create a platform where you can play the game without any discomfort. It’s an experience that you will never forget. We constantly believe in the use of technology to its fullest limit to come up with a groovy platform that is not just remembered as a means of hobby for the players but also something they could look upto when dealing with any situation in their life.

True, poker has that ability to bring in a life-changing experience. Whether you are playing real money cash games or freerolls poker, each has its own share of joy and splendor that is hard to describe in words. We have with us a vast resource of materials related to playing poker online that would help you perfect your poker skills. Starting from Poker rules to how to poker to poker strategies, there are plenty of materials available in our site that help to gain mastery in the game.

Poker Variants you can play at Khelo365.com

At Khelo365.com we recognize that their is more than one way to play online. When you play poker in India, you expect a good variety of poker, variant includes:


This is the most exciting online poker game in India. Players can push all of their chips in as they compete by forming the best 5-card hand from 2 personal cards and 5 community cards.


At Khelo365.com we know there is more than one way to play. So we give you the opportunity to switch it up. Omaha has a different set of poker rules. In this game you are dealt 4 personal cards and 5 community cards (Dealt Face-up).

Poker Variants you can play at Khelo365.com

The truth is Poker India remains an extremely competitive game similar to indoor games like Chess that require good analytic ability. In order to be successful in this game, one has to have solid memory skills, good math skills, supreme logical thinking and sound knowledge about poker online strategies. With exceptional players emerging every day, the Indian poker community is matching up to the level of international players. It’s not uncommon to see big names participating in various online Poker league competitions throughout the world and return with a good performance. With a little more push and recognition from the government, poker will certainly make huge inroads in the Indian market and more and more players competing internationally.

Since the game is heavily reliant on skills, we see passionate participation from players all around. In fact there are players who travel to different parts of world to play tournaments like WSOP. At Khelo365.com, we house some of the strongest online poker players from India and our online tournaments and real money games are truly a blast. With participation from players at all skill levels, our tables see hot gaming action at all times. We always take necessary steps as and when to improve the existing infrastructure when it comes to security and safety, so you can count on us always to make use of the best possible safety measures to keep your data safe.

Best place to play poker online in India

At Khelo365.com we offer Free-rolls, promotions/ deposit bonuses that are unmatched, cash prizes, faster payouts & various ways to win big.

iTech Labs Certification

Our players expect fair game play at every table. We are certified by iTech Labs to assure you that you are always playing a fair game.

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Poker India Online has never been safer. Khelo365.com is India’s first legal online poker site. You can play poker online free or for high stakes with confidence!

Varied Payment Options

We offer various convenient ways to pay, including: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, etc.