• Players : 609
  • Tables : 29

Presenting Sit&Go Masters

Welcome to Sit&Go Masters - our new take on the popular Sit&Go format! Here’s how the Masters will work - players can gain entry to Level 1 through two different buy-in amounts. Once in, you will be grouped with five other players and the game will begin.

In Sit&Go Masters, players will be required to play the game through to its conclusion; and then the winner will receive a ticket for entry into Level 2. Level 2 functions exactly the same way, and the top two players will be rewarded at the end of Level 3.

Masters SNG

As you can see, Sit&Go Masters offers an unprecedented way to multiply your winnings; you could turn an initial outlay of just Rs. 100 into Rs. 14040 in just three games! However, what truly makes the Masters format the most player-friendly one yet is the fact that you’re not required to play all three levels immediately - you could buy in at the beginning and win a ticket to the next level, and then play your Level 2 whenever is most convenient for you!

What are you waiting for? The Sit&Go Masters is live.

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