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Lucky Draw


Promo code : LUCKY2K
  • Ticket to MegaSplash 100K GTD
  • 1000 Bonus Money
  • 500 Bonus money
  • Ticket to Grinder 20K GTD
  • 200 Bonus Money
  • 200 Locked Bonus
Promo code : LUCKY10K
  • 5000 Bonus Money
  • Ticket to Grand Slam 4L GTD
  • Ticket to Reraise 200k GTD
  • 2000 Bonus Money
  • 1000 Bonus Money
  • 2000 Locked Bonus

Running out of options to keep you entertained? Well, we are here to boost up the fun and keep you more entertained than ever. Are you the lucky one? If so, this could be one of the greatest opportunities for you to win BIG in so many ways. Even if you were never the lucky one, it could be such that you might win the jackpot through this promotion.

Here at khelo365, we provide multiple options for you to keep going and to bring out the best in you. LUCKY DRAW is one such promotion where you can win free tickets and bonus money just by getting lucky. What are you waiting for? Grab this wonderful opportunity and register yourself in one of khelo365’s greatest promotions ever.

You can register now at the LUCKY DRAW using the promo code : LUCKY2K and win a free ticket to Megasplash 100K GTD, and also win 500 Bonus Money or 1000 Bonus Money. Using the same promo code, you can also win a free ticket to Grinder 20K GTD and win 200 Bonus Money or 200 Locked Bonus.

Use the promo code: LUCKY10K and win a free ticket to Grand Slam 4L GTD and win up to 5000 Bonus Money. With this same promo code, you also get a chance to win free ticket to Re-raise 200K GTD and also win 2000 Bonus Money, 1000 Bonus Money, and 2000 Locked Bonus.

This is one such opportunity for the players to win BIG without having to lose anything. Khelo365 wishes to provide the best platform for the players. Don’t let go of such an opportunity where you can simply get lucky and win free tickets to grand tournaments and also get a chance to win HUGE bonus money. Make the best use of it now by enrolling yourself in one of Khelo365’s greatest promotions.

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