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Khelo365 Store of Fame

QWhat is Khelo365 Store?

AKhelo365 Store is as the name suggests it, our online store where you can purchase different items and Party Packages around the world, using Khelo365 Coins. We are having 3 different Party Packages available in our Store:

  • Economy Packages
  • Standard Packages
  • Elite Packages
Q What are khelo365 Coins and how can I earn them?

AKhelo365 Coins can be earned by playing Cash Games, Sit&Go's, Tournaments and even Freerolls on our website and they can be used only to purchase items from our Khelo365 Store. For each 3000 Loyalty Points you generate, you will also earn 100 Khelo365 Coins.The coin balance can be seen in 'My account' page, 'Home' page and 'Khelo365 Store' page. We will credit your earned Khelo365 Coins each time you exchange your Loyalty Points or your Locked Bonus. Khelo365 Coins are not the same as Loyalty Points and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other points, they can only be used for purchasing purpose on Khelo365 Store.

Q What can I buy from Khelo365 Store?

A The rewards that you may purchase from Khelo365 Store are:

Party Packages to:


  • Economy Package
  • Standard Package
  • Elite Package


  • Economy Package
  • Standard Package
  • Elite Package


  • iPhone X 256GB

*Be sure to always check our store for new items.

Q Can I use any other form of payment except Khelo365 Coins to purchase items from Khelo365 Store?

ANo, the only payment we accept are the Khelo365 Coins, meaning that only our Khelo365 users can purchase from the store.If you are not a Khelo365 user, we recommend you to create an account, start earning Khelo365 Coins and enjoy the great opportunities that our store is offering.

QCan I transfer Khelo365 Coins to another Khelo365 user?

ANo, Khelo365 Coins cannot be transferred to another Khelo365 user.

Q Can I know more about Your Chance at Fortune – Party Packages?

AOur Party Packages are meant to take you around the world where you will be introduced to extreme fun and your well-deserved 'Chance at Fame'. One Party Package is made for only one guest, if you wish to travel with a friend, you can purchase two packages. If your friend is a Khelo365 user and has enough Khelo365 Coins than he can buy a package and inform our Customer Support that you will be traveling in the same time.

Q Which is the process I have to go through after I buy a Party Package?

AFirst Step:After you buy a Party Package, you will be contacted via email by our Head - VIP Concierge and he will be present several options regarding your package like accommodation, activities, etc.

Second Step: After you choose the options you desire, you will be contacted by our Khelo365 Team to double check all information provided by you and exact flight dates. You will need to provide us a scanned copy of your passport - the passport needs to have minimum 3 empty pages and minimum 6 months of availability.

Third Step:Our team will email you the tickets, bookings and any other information required to have a stress free arrival. We will contact you again for confirmation upon receiving the email.

Now all you have to do is pack your bags, sit back & relax, and let us plan the perfect trip for you.