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Khelo365 Leaderboards  

📁 articles, Current Promotions, News 🕔06.September 2017
Khelo365 Leaderboards   

Poker is just about the most competitive game out there, absolutely everyone who plays the game wants to fight tooth-and-nail to get to the top, because that is where all the glory and riches lay.

We, at Khelo365 have given our players yet another reason to get to the top. Because, let’s face it, no one is rewarding their players the way we are!

Khelo365 are offering tremendous rewards to our players, one can only dream of. Below, we will inform you players of the three different Leaderboards Khelo365 has to offer, how to climb them and the rewards available for the best of the best!

Ultimatum VIP Leaderboard – Cash Games

The Ultimatum VIP is our most prestigious and stacked leaderboard where the rewards to the very top are phenomenal! To advance this leaderboard players must play the Khelo365 cash games tables. Players rank will be updated on the Ultimatum VIP leaderboard based on the sum of their bet amounts. To be eligible for the Ultimatum VIP leaderboard players must make a one-time deposit of at least Rs. 10,000 in one go. Then, we will divide the VIP points the player generates after that one-time deposit by 30, after that, the final points will be updated into our Ultimatum VIP Leaderboard.

Visit our website at to participate in our cash games and climb the ladder! Click the link to view the Ultimatum VIP Leaderboard.

Top 50 players of the Khelo365 VIP leaderboards will receive:

  • FREE Entry to the Khelo365 Colombo Millions INR 1 Cr. Guaranteed Tournament
  • FREE Entry to the Colombo Millions Live 5 million LKR Freeroll
  • FREE Passes to the Khelo365 New Year’s VIP Party in Colombo
  • REAL CASH prizes to our ranked leaderboard players

On top of that, the top 10 players of the Khelo365 VIP leaderboards will receive:

  • An all-expenses paid trip to
    • Colombo to participate in our Colombo Millions Live 5 million LKR Freeroll
    • Colombo Millions INR 1 Cr. Guaranteed Tournament
    • Khelo365 New Year’s VIP party
  • Gold Plated iPhone
  • Meet and hang out with your favorite star of your choosing!


Win2Double Leaderboard Tournaments– 60 Lakhs GTD Leaderboard Tournaments Every Month

Khelo365’s Win2Dobule Leaderboard Tournament is the perfect leaderboard for players who love to compete in tournaments and win huge prizes. On top of that, any winning you get while playing on our Win2Double Tournaments will be matched with Bonus Money and added to your Khelo365 account. Essentially, we are doubling your winnings!

There is a total of SIXTEEN daily Win2Double tournaments running EVERYDAY, the Win2Double Tournaments are worth 60 Lakhs per month, so there are plenty of winnings to go around for everyone!

Player Buy-in and Re-buys determine the position of that player on the Win2Double leaderboard, the more buy-ins and re-buys a player purchases, the higher he will rank on the leaderboard! Prizes for the top 50 players of this leaderboard are worth a stunning 1 Crore which you can see below! Click the link to view the Win2Double Leaderboard Tournaments.

Top 50 players of the Khelo365 Tourney Loyalty Leaderboard will receive:

  • FREE Entry to the Khelo365 Colombo Millions INR 1 Cr. Gtd. Tourney
  • FREE Entry to the Colombo Millions Live 5 million LKR Freeroll
  • FREE Khelo365 Tourney Player VIP Pass

On top of that, the top 3 players of the Khelo365 Tourney Loyalty Leaderboard will receive:

  • Bonus money worth Rs. 100,000 for 1st place
  • Bonus money worth Rs. 50,000 for 2nd Place
  • Bonus money worth Rs. 25,000 for 3rd place



LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard – 30 Lakhs Monthly Freerolls

The Live Freeroll Leaderboard is for the player who does not want to go through the hassle of putting their money at stake but still want to win some REAL cash. An incredible 30 Lakhs are up for grabs every month in the Freerolls held by Khelo365; an Hourly freeroll held 24 hours a day, 7 days a week AND a Daily Weekday and Weekend Freeroll held at 8pm.

Even though the participation of the freerolls are free, the rewards for players who rank highly on this leaderboard are still awesome and worth climbing for! The calculation of a player’s rank on the LIVE Freerolls Leaderboard will be based on the player’s winnings in the various Freerolls tournaments. The more money you win in the Freerolls, the higher you go! Visit us at and start playing the Freerolls! Click the link to view the LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard.

The top 10 players of the Khelo365 LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard will receive:

  • REAL CASH prizes worth Rs. 550,000 in total. The higher up you are in the top 10, the more money you receive!

The number 1 ranked player on the LIVE Freeroll Leaderboard will be rewarded the most amazing all-expenses paid package to Sri Lanka for the Khelo365 VIP New Year’s Party in Colombo and a modest Rs. 100,000!

Keep in mind, there ARE crossover prizes for the leaderboard. So, if you are just an insane poker player who managed to rank on two or more leaderboards, then you will receive ALL the prizes and rewards that are reserved for that spot! All three leaderboards will run until December 25th, this means everyone will have plenty of time to start climbing if they haven’t already!

As you can clearly see, it pays to play with Khelo365. We are giving many of our players a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend some of the most incredible parties on the planet and a truly unique experience you will not find elsewhere! To be able to win real cash prizes, tournaments AND get rewarded handsomely for your efforts is a truly win-win situation! So, do not wait around, go to our website at and earn your spot! There is something for everyone at Khelo365, so no one is left out. Get out there and claim your piece of the prize, trust us when we say, it is more than worth it!


Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.


Terms and Conditions:

-All prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable. Tourney entries will be canceled in case of a NO-SHOW.

-Collusion and chip dumping by players will lead to permanent suspension of players account and confiscation of player’s chips.

-Khelo365 reserves the right to amend or cancel any tournaments without giving prior notice.


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