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Interviews From Our Bad Beat Jackpot Winners

📁 Interviews 🕔11.January 2017
Interviews From Our Bad Beat Jackpot Winners

Here’s another great poker game.

Our Bad Beat Jackpot was cleared out by 4 of our lucky players! They won huge amounts of cash and had a chat with us about their awesome experience.

Let’s see what they have to say about it!

Winner of the biggest prize Kickout – Rs.1095790.01 (PLAYER WHO GOT THE BAD BEAT)

Khelo365: “Wow, you won a prize over 10 Lakhs! What did you feel in that moment?”

Player (Kickout): “I was mad, confused and excited all in one! First I saw the
huge bad beat I took and only after a few minutes I realized that I won an amazing bad beat prize.”

Khelo365: “Were you familiar with our Bad Beat Jackpot?”

Player (Kickout): “I did read about it but not too much as I never hoped I will be so lucky to win it.”

Khelo365: “How do you wish to spend the prize money?”

Player (Kickout):Well, I will find a good use for the money, maybe plan for a trip with my family, and I will also continue to play poker here for sure, hoping to get another bad beat” (He said laughing)

Khelo365: “Have you ever won a similar prize?”

Player (Kickout): “No, I most certainly did not! This is an amazing experience for me and I truly hope it will happen again.”

Khelo365: “We hope that as well! Thank you for your time and for choosing Khelo365!”

Player (Kickout):Thank you for the amazing bonuses!”


Winner of the 2nd biggest prize, dustin – Rs.547895 (PLAYER WHO GAVE THE BAD BEAT)


Khelo365: “How did you felt when you realized you are the winner of over 5lakhs?”

Player (dustin): “I was a bit disappointed when i came to know that the winner receives only minimal part of the jackpot amount but i am very happy i won and i like Khelo365 site very much. “

Khelo365: “Were you familiar with our bad beat jackpot before you won it?”

Player (dustin): “I was unaware of the Bad Beat Jackpot before so i was pleasantly surprised since i never gone thru your promotions and rules.”

Khelo365: “How are you planning to spend the winning amount?”

Player (dustin): “I would like to spend it by buying a car, shopping and other home expenses.”

Khelo365: “Would you recommend Khelo365 to other people?”

Player (dustin): Yes, in fact i already did it.”

Khelo365: “Thank you for your time and have a great day!”

Player (dustin): “Thank you!”



Khelo365: “Congratulations for your win! How do you feel about this Jackpot prize?”

Player (Gretzky):Thank you, I did not expect to win anything since i was not the one who got or gave the bad beat so i was very surprised.”

Khelo365: “For how long are you playing on Khelo365?”

Player (Gretzky): “I am pretty new to poker itself, I’m not playing for a very long time so I’d say that this Jackpot came in as a very helpful boost.”

Khelo365: “Were you familiar with our Bad Beat Jackpot?”

Player (Gretzky): “I did notice that you have many amazing promotions including this but I did not expect to benefit from any of them, you always believe that others will be luckier than you.”

Khelo365: “Well we are very glad that luck found his way to you! Thank you for your time and good luck in your fresh poker journey!”

Player (Gretzky): “Thank you very much.”




Khelo365: “Congratulations on your over 1 Lakh win! What do you have to say about this experience?”

Player (pokeYou): “Thank you. Frankly, I never thought I would say this but, I wish I was the one who took the bad beat in this circumstances.”

Khelo365: “Haha, Khelo does make it profitable even in the worst case scenario. How do you plan to spend your win?”

Player (pokeYou):I still did not withdraw the amount, I’m not sure what I will do with it.”

Khelo365: “Whatever you decide we wish you best of luck and tons of winnings on our site!”

Player (pokeYou):Thank you very much, I’m wishing the same.”



Hand #2275360:  Texas Hold’em NL ([25.00 / 50.00]) – 12.12.16 18:50:05

Table ‘GOA 25/50 6max NLHE BBJ #14’ Seat #1 is the Dealer

Seat 1: pokeYou

Seat 3: kickout

Seat 5: Gretzky

Seat 0: dustin

kickout: SB: 25.00 

Gretzky: BB: 50.00 


pokeYou: Fold 

kickout: Raise: 300.00 

Gretzky: Fold 

dustin: Raise: 100.00 (3), Call: 225.00 

FLOP [4c 2s As]

kickout: Bet: 650.00, Call: 3416.00 (All-In)

dustin: Raise: 4217.00 (All-In), UB: 151.00

TURN [4d]



kickout: shows [Ah Ad] (a full house, Aces full of Fours)

dustin: shows [4h 4s] (four of a kind, Fours)


Bad Beat Jackpot Hand!

kickout has won Rs.1095790.01

dustin has won Rs.547895

Gretzky has won Rs.136973.75

pokeYou has won Rs.136973.75


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